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It only takes saying you come from a vineyard country for everyone to think you should be the one choosing from the wine list. If you are like us, though, you are more likely to choose a bottle in the supermarket aisle because the label looks nice…
This event is just what you need to add tannic, fruity, round, well balanced to your vocabulary. In other words, to be the center of attention at the next dinner party.
KL Is Mine is all about sharing stories. Whether the nectar in your glass was made by a small producer or a well-known château, is the start of a beautiful narrative in itself – we couldn’t resist trying the latest wine bar in the city!
There, David Serodes, a French oenologist will open 5 bottles for us, tell us about its color, aromas, in the most magical way, before taking us onto a journey through the French terroirs.

These are the wines you will test:
Domaine Alain Geofrroy – Petit Chablis – Chardonnay
Domaine Mas Bres – Pinot Noir
Petit Bres – Merlot/Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre
Petit Bres – Roussanne/Sauvignon Blanc/Ugni Blanc/Viognier
Domaine de Seminaire – Côtes du Rhone – Syrah/Grenache

Price: 65rm per pax for a degustation of 5 wines
Saturday the 21st of October from 7pm to 9pm
To book your seat: contact@klismine.com
Limited seat available

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